D.J. Payne Corp.

D.J. Payne’s goal is to provide professional sales representation that exemplifies our commitment to the highest levels of business acumen, technical competence, ethical standards and continuing education.

We offer our Principals a cost effective means to rapidly increase market penetration. Our Principals are provided with in-depth knowledge of the local and regional market while offering their customers broad product expertise and extensive application knowledge. We feel we are the leading marketing resource in our respective markets.

A 31-year presence in the territory has built our knowledge and cultivated successful relationships at every level of distributor management.

We pride ourselves on the contacts that have been developed at the end user level with the large chain and national organizations. We are associated with manufacturers on the cutting edge of new product development.

D.J. Payne has dedicated, full-time end user specialists with more that 12 years of experience dealing with the ultimate customer. These specialists are trained in doing a “total program sell” utilizing our vast product mix.

Our sales staff has some of the highest years of experience within the industry, averaging more than 13 years with D.J. Payne. We have represented some of our principals for over 30 years, and over half of all for more than 15 years.

The sales staff has grown to 12 by dividing the distributors into manageable sales volume. This enhances our value to the key distributors and creates more time for marketing and training their sales staff. Management and sales participate in forecasting and budgeting accurate and attainable sales goals.

By utilizing our warehouse we can out-convenience the competition, we can give same day fill-in privileges, many times taking the rush out of orders and allowing the factory optimum freight consolidation. We serve as backup to many key distributors where service is critical in maintaining their business

As part of IPEX we offer you market representation in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. When you work with an IPEX company, you will benefit from deep local market expertise, integrated reporting, and aligned sales and marketing strategies across all your national markets.