George W. Mouk & Associates

We are proud of the company we keep and are grateful for the support we have received since our company was founded in February, 1970. We are fortunate to have many valued friends, both mills and distributors, who have contributed to our growth and prosperity. We will try to always merit the confidence placed in our organization.

Our goal is to establish a working relationship that is in essence a partnership with the mills and distributors we serve. To that end we pledge:

  • Our best efforts to identify the needs of our distributors to the mills which we represent so that these needs can be provided for and that the mills can adequately appreciate the value of the distributor.
  • To represent only high quality mill resources with a desire to work in partnership with our distributor accounts.
  • A continuous effort to accurately identify competitive conditions within the markets that the distributor serves and to promptly respond to these competitive pressures.
  • To hold periodic informative sales meetings, with proper follow‑up.
  • To make user calls with the distributor salesmen where they are needed,
  • Our best efforts to protect the established business of our distributors where this business is being serviced by a mill that we represent.
  • To help promote harmony and company pride within the organization of those distributors we serve.
  • To protect any confidential information with which we are entrusted.
  • To recognize that distributor policies and personnel change from time to time and accept these changes as they occur and support them.
  • To use our product and market knowledge to help promote new profitable business for our distributors to the end that ours will be a mutually profitable partnership.

As part of IPEX we offer you market representation in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, western Tennessee, and the panhandle of Florida. When you work with an IPEX company, you will benefit from deep local market expertise, integrated reporting, and aligned sales and marketing strategies across all your national markets.