Group W, Inc.

Group W is a 50-year-old manufacturer’s representative agency headquartered in the Cleveland, OH, area, covering the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia along with the western half of Pennsylvania and southern Michigan. Our sales force is comprised of seasoned veterans and, all told, we boast over 160 years experience in our industry.

As you can imagine, we have seen manifold changes over the years in the distribution landscape, mill and converter expansions and acquisitions, and the introduction of an array of new products and new materials. We have pioneered a broad variety of new product groups and our comprehensive knowledge of our markets allows for exceptional efficiency in going to market. We pride ourselves in providing matchless customer service for our customers and forthright dealings with our principals. Our long history of success is a testament to these propositions.

As part of IPEX we offer you market representation in Ohio, western Pennsylvania, southern Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky. When you work with an IPEX company, you will benefit from deep local market expertise, integrated reporting, and aligned sales and marketing strategies across all your national markets.