Company Culture

With 25 years of experience under our belt we have a finely tuned value system that forms our code of operation. When you work with any of the IPEX sales teams across the country you will experience the following:

  1. We uphold a unified approach, which means we work as an integrated team, while observing deep local expertise; create a consistent national presence, while leveraging solid regional relationships; and create cohesive national solutions, while recognizing powerful individual insights.
  2. We are influential negotiators, which means being passionately proactive; possessing the ability to create new opportunities; and influence our customer’s business toward future success.
  3. Unmatched integrity, which means being honorable, ethical, and professional beyond expectations.
  4. We always push the limits, which means the creation and sustaining of a new league of business, competing to win; and tapping the world’s resources for unique and outstanding solutions.
  5. We enjoy collaborative camaraderie, which means being genuine, respectful, and driven to help others.
  • Unified approach
  • Influential negotiators
  • Unmatched integrity
  • Push the limits
  • Collaborative camaraderie

If this is the kind of company you’d like to do business with, please call us today.